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News and stories

  • France Bienvenue:   Recorded conversations on all sorts of subjects.  They add a new video each week.  Pretty awesome site!

  • Lafrancebis:   Recordings and quizzes to practice listening.  Created by a French teacher in Japan.

  • Radio France International:  International news with emphasis on Africa.  French news streaming (Ecouter RFI on the right side)

  • Radio France International, lanque française:    Site designed to teach/learn French.  They have simplified, but challenging news reports (Le journal en français facile), listening activities (apprendre à écouter, les exercices d’écoute, etc – see also specific listening activities )

  • JT de France2:   Newscasts from a French television station

  • Radio Canada:   Extracts primarily from non-literary sources to enhance listening and reading comprehension skills.

  • Radio des Nations Unies:   Practice for non-literary reading and listening sources.  Also provides links to radio sites and podcasts.

  • TV5Monde:   Theme-based news broadcasts and articles.

  • TV5MondePlus :   More clips for listening

  • Sept Jours sur la planete (TV5monde) :   Listening and reading with comprehension questions and activities

  • Canal Académie:   Listening exercises (podcasts), reading and self-testing for comprehension

  • Conte-moi:   Stories from the francophone world

  • LibriVox :   Free public domain books to read and listen to.  Example:  the fables of Jean de la Fontain

  • Webradio : National radio station




Blogs, web-documentaries, podcasts, cool stuff



Listen to music, watch your favorite movies, live it and love it!

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